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The first successful effort to standardize pitch began in 1859 when the French government passed a law setting the note A4 at 435Hz.

But before that in the baroque era the common tuning in France was A4 at 392Hz whereas in Germany the tuning for the same note was at 465Hz.

Many ancient musical instruments were constructed for a 432Hz tuning but there was not a way to know exactly what tuning the instruments had other than comparing them to other instruments until 1711 when the tuning fork was invented.

Giuseppe Verdi was one of the promotors of the 432Hz tuning and probably J.S. Bach, Mozart, Haydn and others classic composers were using this tuning.

The first to inforce the 440Hz tuning was the government from Italy and it wasn’t until 1939 that in an international conference held in London,the 440Hz tuning was recommended for use worldwide and the BBC required that their orchestras play with that tuning. In 1955 the International Organization for Standardization affirmed A4 at 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch.

Some say that the Nazi Germans changed to 440Hz because they found out that the people listening to music in that tuning was easier to control and that the Rockefeller in America kept promoting it for the same reason, but setting aside all conspiracy theories, the truth is that many studies have been done specially in Italy, where some patients would listen to music tuned in 440Hz while others would be listening to music in 432Hz and the results showed that patients listening to 432Hz music increased brain activity, reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety, heart rate and were sleeping much better than the other patients.


This tuning has also been proved in plants and they definitely grow faster and bigger than the same plants with 440Hz music.


Some naturalists claim that most birds sing in 432Hz and that this frequency is found more often in nature as well as in the human body.

432Hz Music is many times used for meditation and for Music with subliminal messages but I can compose other styles like Orchestra, Pop, Rock or Easy listening Music in 432Hz as well as Music for Film Scoring, TV and advertising or for promoting your product.



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